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Hi, I'm Ross, your founder.


If you have an interest in the oldest game known to man and can't find anyone to play with, then you are in the exact same position I was when I embarked on this endeavor.

I started playing Backgammon in grade school when my sister received a travel board as a gift.  We never did figure out what that single die with the even numbers was for, but we played anyway and it was fun.  We learned a lot.

After college (1989) I shared an apartment with my best friend, Adam.  His mother gave him a coffee table to use which was, of course, a GIANT Backgammon board.  It had huge pieces with dice that woke the neighbors as we threw them across the solid wood surface.  It was AWESOME!  Through the years we played all kinds of games but Backgammon became our addiction.  We started looking for clubs and other people to play with but there was nothing to be found in the entire state.  We did find one group in MA (the NEBC, which is still in operation today) so we made a few trips.

Well, my best friend moved to NC but we kept in touch and didn't miss a beat.  We continued our Backgammon addiction by learning to play over the phone.  We even got to the point where we didn't even need a board, we could do it all in our heads just as long as one of us had a way of getting 2 random numbers between 1-6 (usually with the dice we kept in our pockets).

In 2008, my interest in backgammon peaked as I started collecting Antique Backgammon boards, pieces, dice, etc.  I fell in love with Bakelite (the original synthetic, and now antique, plastic) and Vintage Crisloid cork sets.  At that point I decided that I needed to learn how to play "for real".  So I read a little, went to a few tournaments and quickly realized how much I did NOT know about Backgammon.  And now I needed to find live people to play with.  So once again, I searched for a local game and found nothing.  I went to NY a few times, I reconnected with the NEBC, but still nothing in CT.  I found out that my fathers fraternity brother used to be an avid player back in the day, so we conjured up some games and he taught me a few things.  I finally found a group in Stamford, but by the time I signed up, it was too late.  They shut down.  So that's when I decided to create a group and see if there were some other players in CT who were looking for a game.  And of course... there was.

January 2010, I started the CBC.  By April we had 20-30 members and by June we were meeting 3-4 times a month.  We now have over 400 members statewide with weekly and monthly gatherings in different cities, monthly tournaments and a Player of the Year points race.  In 2013 we hosted our first National Tournament (an historic moment for CT as it was the first time ever in history) and it has since grown into an Annual International Tournament.  We also offer online portals for information, equipment, tournaments, online gaming and more.  It's very exciting.

So we encourage you to find some time to come play a game and say hello.  All ages and abilities are welcome.  And don't forget to bring your Grandfathers old board for show and tell... we love to share.

For more information about playing, learning or even helping, please don't hesitate to contact us.  And visit our sister web sites below. We are always open for a game, new suggestions, new alliances, contacts and collaborations.

So with all that...

WELCOME to CT Backgammon!

We've got your game...


We are now a prominent participating member of the ABT!

CT entered the American Backgammon Tour circuit in October 2013

It WAS the only New England tour stop and it served NY-NJ-CT-MA.

February 2017, we organized the first Boston Open

for our dear friends at the NEBC.

We now have 2 New England stops serving

ALL of New England from CT to ME, NY & NJ!


We also hosted MONTREAL and NIAGARA!

So be sure to check our tournament pages to see what's happening.

All abilities, as well as spectators, are ALWAYS welcome.


Here's an interview with Ross from 2013


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